The RRB Assistant Exam is your gateway to a stable and rewarding career in the banking sector. The exam is conducted annually by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) to select qualified candidates for the position of Assistant or Clerk in Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) across India. RRB Assistant exam provides a great opportunity for banking aspirants who are seeking a stable career in the banking sector.
Preparing for the RRB Assistant exam requires a comprehensive and well-structured study plan. RRB Assistant Mock Tests play a vital role in effective preparation for the exam. Through regular practice with RRB Assistant mock tests, you can familiarize yourself with the RRB Assistant exam pattern, difficulty level, and time management techniques required to score well in the exam.
In this article, we will explore how RRB Mock tests can be a game-changer in your RRB Assistant Exam preparation journey.

Why RRB Assistant Mock Tests are Crucial for Score Enhancement

In the RRB Assistant prelims, you are presented with a total of 80 questions from the Reasoning and Numerical Ability sections, and to qualify for the mains, you must attempt 75+ questions within 45 minutes. Whereas in mains, you are presented with 200 questions to be completed within 120 minutes.  Achieving such a feat is only possible through consistent practice through mock tests.
The Mock tests RRB Assistant provide you with the opportunity to develop the speed and accuracy required to excel in this exam. By simulating the actual exam conditions, these tests help you become familiar with the time constraints of the exam and the pressure you will face during the exam.
With each RRB mock test, you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and time management. By analyzing your performance in each RRB Assistant mock test, you can construct a targeted study plan, focusing on bridging those gaps and reinforcing your weak areas. This process empowers you to refine your approach, improve time management, and perform exceptionally well in the actual exam.
Let us understand how RRB Mock tests are a powerful tool for score enhancement in RRB Assistant Exam:
1. RRB Assistant Mock tests simulate the actual examination scenario, allowing you to become familiar with the exam pattern, difficulty level, and time constraints of the RRB Assistant exam. This experience helps you handle the pressure of the actual exam more effectively.
2. The detailed analysis report at the end of each mock provides insights into your performance, allowing you to focus on improving weak areas so that you can practice them separately and strengthen them before the exam.

3. While attempting RRB Mock tests, you get an opportunity to experiment with different strategies. You can determine the order in which you attempt sections, allocate time for each type of question, and discover the approach that works best for you.
4. It displays your time spent on your correct attempts, incorrect attempts, and skipped questions so that you can note down the areas where you wasted most of your valuable time and develop the necessary time-management strategies to tackle the exam effectively.
In Smartkeeda RRB Assistant Mock Tests, every single tab – My Performance graph, Strong vs Weak Areas, Speed, Accuracy, Time Distribution, Question preference, Marks vs Percentile, Compare is created to help you analyze your performance thoroughly. By analyzing this data and making necessary adjustments in your techniques, you can significantly improve your performance in the RBI Assistant exam and make your exam preparation journey an easy ride!


Developing a Winning Strategy for RRB Assistant Exam

If you want to be a winner, you have to practice winning. That’s how you become a champion!
The more you engage in practice, the greater your capabilities become. Therefore, while developing a winning strategy, you have to utilize the extreme potential of RRB Mock tests in optimizing your performance.

1. Understand the Examination Pattern:

Before starting your preparation for any competitive exam, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the examination pattern, and familiarize yourself with the marking scheme, time constraints, and types of questions that will be included in that exam. This understanding will enable you to plan your study approach accordingly.
Stage I: Prelims
Name of the Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Reasoning 40 40 Composite time of 45 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 40 40
  80 80  
Stage II: Mains
Name of the Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Reasoning 40 50 Composite time of 2 hours
Computer Knowledge 40 20
General Awareness 40 40
English / Hindi Language 40 40
Quantitative Aptitude 40 50
Total 200 200  
You must note that there will be a penalty for wrong answers marked in both stages. For each wrong answer, one-fourth of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as a penalty to arrive at the corrected score. Therefore, if you’re unaware of an answer, it would be better to leave the response blank as there will be no penalty for skipped questions.

2. Get a Fair Idea of the Cutoff

The cutoff represents the minimum score required to qualify for the next stage of the selection process for the RRB Assistant Exam. It gives you a realistic understanding of the level of competition and the effort required to secure a favorable result. By having a fair idea of the cutoff, you can set a target score for yourself in RRB Assistant Mock Tests and work towards achieving it.
The following table displays RRB Assistant 2022 Cut off
State Mains Cut off (UR)
Out of 200
Prelims Cut off
(UR) Out of 100
Andhra Pradesh 65.03 71.00
Assam 62.28 64.50
Bihar 66.53 70
Chhattisgarh 64.75 67.25
Gujarat 65.78 72.75
Haryana 69.47 75.50
Himachal Pradesh 69.19 72.25
Jammu & Kashmir 60.60 64.50
Jharkhand 66.41 72.25
Karnataka 63.00 67.25
Kerala 68.28 76
Madhya Pradesh 65.53 70.25
Maharashtra 67.10 68.25
Manipur 61.13 62.75
Meghalaya 59.03 48.25
Mizoram 54.19 -
Nagaland 58.85 55.25
Odisha 63.91 77
Puducherry 58.94 -
Punjab 69.38 75.25
Rajasthan 68.57 75
Telangana 63.25 61.50
Tripura 62.28 67
Uttar Pradesh 69.63 76.50
Uttarakhand 69.69 75.50
West Bengal 66.57 74.75

3. Attempt an Exam Pattern-Based RRB Assistant Mock Test

Once you have gained a thorough understanding of the RRB Assistant exam, it is important to put your knowledge into practice by attempting an Exam Pattern Based RRB Assistant mock test at Smartkeeda. This step would serve as an evaluation of your current level of preparation and provide valuable insights into the work required to achieve your target score.
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For instance, if you scored 50 out of 100 in the first RRB Assistant mock test and you examine the previous year's RRB Assistant cutoff, you should aim for a score of 70 or above to qualify for the next round. At this stage, it becomes crucial to carefully analyze your mock test performance, and identify areas for improvement that have the potential to yield additional marks.
This analysis will enable you to focus your efforts on strengthening those specific areas and enhancing your overall performance. By leveraging the feedback from the RRB Assistant mock tests, you can adjust your preparation strategy and confidently move towards attaining your desired score in the RRB Assistant exam.

Creating an Effective Mock Test Strategy

Mock tests for RRB Assistant are not just practice sessions; they serve as powerful tools for enhancing your performance and maximizing your score. An effective mock test strategy has the potential to transform your performance and double your score in the RRB Assistant exam.
Here, we will assist you in crafting a powerful mock test strategy that will unlock your true potential and double your score in the RRB Assistant exam:

Step 1: Attempt Full-length Mocks

Once you have completed your syllabus, it is highly recommended to challenge yourself by attempting at least three full-length mock tests per week. This will not only sharpen your time management skills but also help you will gain a deeper understanding of the patterns, question types, and overall structure of the RRB Assistant exam.
• Attempt a free Full-length RRB Assistant Prelims Mock Test here!
• Attempt a free Full-length RRB Assistant Mains Mock Test here!

Step 2: Go to Smart Analytics

The Smart Analysis section of Smartkeeda crafted meticulously by a team of experts aims to help you gauge your actual performance and take necessary steps to enhance it before the actual exam. Here, you will get a detailed breakdown of your overall, topic-wise, and section-wise performance. This information becomes a valuable resource for targeted study and focused improvement.
Moreover, time management is the biggest constraint in the RRB Assistant exam. A smarter approach in this exam is very important to attempt the maximum number of questions with accuracy within the given time. Therefore, while analyzing your performance you should look deeper into the time management section and note down:
• Topics where you spent more than average time.
• Topics where you spent more time than the topper.
• Questions where you spent the right amount of time but marked an incorrect response.
• Questions where you spent average time but skipped.
Smartkeeda gives you a helping hand in crossing the hurdle of time management with the help of performance graphs. The graphical analysis provided by Smartkeeda allows you to effortlessly comprehend and evaluate your time management skills during mock tests. Through clear visual representation, you can gain valuable insights into how you allocate your time across different sections and questions.
The graphical analysis showcases your performance patterns, highlighting areas where you may be spending excessive time or where you can optimize your time utilization. This feature empowers you to make data-driven decisions and refine your time management strategies for the RRB Assistant exam.




Step 3: Strengthen Your Weak Areas with Targeted Topic Tests & Sectional Tests

Smartkeeda Topic Tests: Once you have identified your weak topics, the crucial next step is to dedicate focused efforts towards strengthening them. Smartkeeda helps you in this step with its exclusive Topic Test series, designed to cover every major topic covered in the RRB Assistant exam. These topic tests are thoughtfully designed to cover every topic from beginner to advanced level. By attempting topic tests regularly, you can develop a deep understanding of the concepts and confidently tackle that topic in the exam.
• Click here to attempt a free Topic Test on Blood Relations!
Smartkeeda Sectional Tests: After strengthening your weak topics, it's time to target the complete sections with the help of RRB Assistant Sectional tests. Sectional tests contain a curated set of questions from a particular section, such as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, or English. By attempting the Sectional tests, you can gain valuable insights into your performance and bridge any remaining gaps in your preparation.
• Click here to attempt RRB Assistant Quantitative Aptitude sectional test!

Learning from Mistakes in RRB Assistant Mock Tests

Mistakes happen! None of us is immune to making mistakes but these mistakes are the stepping stones to wisdom. One can learn from their mistakes more than from their successes.
After attempting the RRB Assistant mock test, you should analyze your mistakes honestly and objectively. While doing so, you should ask yourself the following questions:
• What was I trying to do while solving this question?
• What was wrong with my method?
• Where did it go wrong?
• Why did it go wrong?
Conducting such a post-mortem of your mistake will reveal the root cause of it and therefore you can devise methods to avoid it in the future. You can identify the skills, knowledge, resources, or tools that will keep you from repeating those mistakes.

Incorporating mock test results for targeted preparation strategy

Smartkeeda offers a unique opportunity to incorporate mock test results for targeted preparation strategy and improve your performance in RRB Assistant Mock tests. By providing this opportunity Smartkeeda empowers you to rectify your errors, refine your strategies and progress towards achieving your desired score.
The “Reattempt Mode” of Smartkeeda gives you a second chance to attempt the same mock and allows you to apply better techniques you’ve learned during your analysis session. You can see a visible difference in your speed and accuracy by applying the better techniques you devised. It also compares your “Reattempt result” to your “previous result” to help you understand the improvement in your performance. Smartkeeda provides you with two types of reattempt modes:
1. Full-length Re-attempt mode: In this mode, you can re-attempt the complete test in a go just like a fresh test. You can evaluate your performance by comparing it with your previous performance. This will motivate you to approach the test in a better way to boost your score.
2. Partial Re-attempt mode: This mode gives you another chance to attempt the question that you either skipped or attempted incorrectly on your first attempt.

Building Confidence and Test-taking Skills

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it!
Confidence plays a vital role in exam performance, as it directly influences your mindset, decision-making, and overall approach to the exam. RRB Assistant Mock tests play a significant role in boosting your confidence and enhancing your test-taking skills. By regularly attempting mock tests, you become more comfortable and confident in handling the actual exam. Additionally, mock tests help in developing essential test-taking skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making under time pressure.
By leveraging the power of mock tests, you can enhance your performance, secure a high score, and pave the way for a successful and stable career in the banking sector.

Author : Anjali

Hi, I am Anjali, a Probationary officer at a leading Public Sector Bank. With a passion for helping aspiring bankers, I have embarked on a journey to share my knowledge and insights through informative blogs. Having successfully cleared various bank exams myself, including IBPS PO XII, I understand the challenges and the importance of effective preparation. Through my blogs, I aim to provide valuable tips, strategies, and resources specifically tailored for bank exams, empowering the aspirants to achieve their dream of a successful banking career.


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