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Mayank Pandey IBPS SO IT According to me Smartkeeda is best platform to test your preparation.The full length mock test are exact up to the exam level.Specially the sectional test are very useful as they improve your marks very well I will suggest everyone preparing for competitive exam should opt for smartkeeda.
Akhil Kumar Chhetri SBI Clerk 2022 I have been selected as a Junior Associate at SBI. This achievement is attributed to Smartkeeda's CA Mockdrill Series, which enabled me to clear the examination on my first attempt. Additionally, the Clerk and PO Mains mock exams helped alleviate my apprehensions about attempting questions and strengthened my concepts. The sectional tests also played a crucial role in clearing the SBI JA preliminary exams, resulting in my score of 95 marks, all thanks to Smartkeeda.
Anupama Das SBI PO 2022 I started my preparation for banking exams in 2021.I couldn't even clear SBI PO prelims last year.This is I started using Smartkeeda and my performance started getting better 😊The mocks are very similar to the exam level.The result is in front of you 😊. Wishing all the best to the candidates who will appear for the exams this year. Keep working hard and never lose hope ❤️🌻
Hirdayesh Singh SBI PO 2022 Smartkeeda played a big role in my selection, i always purchased mock test from Smartkeeda and the level of questions were so good that it helped me to crack one of the most competitive examination in India. I also used to practice alot from the free quizzes on their website, so i would like to thank the team for doing such an amazing job.
Rishikesh Prasad SBI PO 2022 Thank you Smartkeeda for providing us with the best contents. I personally enjoyed the whole journey with Smartkeeda, ofcourse Mocks Questions are of exam level or ahead of that but good to mark my weaknesses and overcome the same. One thing I must want to recommend to every banking aspirants to go through Mockdrill(600-700) MCQs a month which played a very major role in my GA success. Thank you once again to the whole team of Smartkeeda.
Tripti Rani Paul SBI PO 2022 Smartkeeda has been really helpful in this journey of mine as a banking aspirant. The mocks specially the mains one are really good with real exam relevance. I have also used CA mock drills which have further strengthened my preparation. This was my 2nd attempt at this exam and 1st serious attempt.
Muskan Saxena SBI PO 2022 I started my preparation journey in 2021 but because of no clue where to start from and misguidance I failed miserably. I could only clear 1 pre and then failed in mains. In 2022 I analysed all my mistakes purchased smartkeeda mocks and prepared rigorously for this year. I managed to clear 3 mains in a row. Finally selected as SBI JA and now SBI PO as well. Smartkeeda played a very crucial role in my journey. The mocks are difficult and above exam level so they push you in building a unique approach. As a result, exam level becomes easy for you.
Ashutosh Bhasme SBI PO 2022 Smartkeeda's CA mock drills helped a lot in revision before mains and mock tests helped in practicing questions of newer types.
Gajendra SBI PO 2022 Smartkeeda provides very good level mocks. In starting i get frustrate with level of mocks but after some i understand that what actually SK is doing, it provides good level mock so that students can develop their understanding through its new pattern question. which actually a big reason for developing my understanding level. when i was in SBI PO mains exam i thought i was attempted this type of questions before and i was very confident that i can do it with 100% accuracy. That confident is develop by classes and mocks question. Thankyou very much Smartkeeda team for providing such type of questions. I enjoyed whole journey with smartkeeda and looking forward to grab some more opportunities.
Shivam Bansal SBI PO 2022 Your MockDrills helped a lot to clear the exam. Mock Tests are also upto the exam level.
Aritha P SBI PO 2022 This mock test series has helped me in every step of preparation journey. Very thankful to Smartkeeda Team.
Anjali Mishra IBPS PO 2022 Finally Probationary Officer at the Bank of India! Can't thank Smartkeeda enough for the best & exam level of content that helped me a lot to remain calm and score well in mains. Also the detailed performance analysis of the SK test series played a key role in my preparation. I would highly recommend Smartkeeda to anyone preparing for banking exams. At last to every fighter, I would say.. आज गिरबान पकड़ने वाले कल पैरो को भी पकड़ेंगे जो ठाना है वो एक बार कर के तो दिखा!
Moumita Mandal IBPS PO 2022 I am extremely grateful to Smartkeeda for helping me ace my banking exams! A big thanks to Anil Aggrawal sir for recommending this incredible app. With just one year of preparation using Smartkeeda, I am proud to say that I have been selected as a Probationary Officer at Union Bank of India. Smartkeeda truly is a game-changer in the world of exam preparation.
Pooja Devadas IBPS PO 2022 Mock tests are really important to crack any bank exam and subscribing to the best one will give you an edge over other aspirants.Smartkeeda mocks helped me to get access to variety of questions designed as per the level of exam.It boosted my confidence and helped me overcome exam fear.Smartkeeda is definitely an asset for every aspirant.
Rajat Sachdeva IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk 2022 Thank you so much to the Smartkeeda team. As we all know test series has utmost importance in banking exams. And test series of Smartkeeda helped me a lot. They are providing the best mocks at a very economic price. Also the analysis part helped me a lot. Thank you so much.
Aishi Chatterjee IBPS PO 2022 Smartkeeda's CA Mockdrills proved to be a game-changer for me when I qualified for Mains without any knowledge of current affairs. The format of the mock drills was easy to remember, and I found them engaging. I also regularly took sectional mock tests, but as the mains approached, I started taking full mock tests and reattempting some of them. This helped me get a better understanding of the exam pattern and improve my performance. Smartkeeda's resources and mock tests were instrumental in my success, and I am grateful to them for their help. Thank you, SK!
Deepshikha Kourav IBPS Clerk 2022 Smartkeeda's test series was my only preparation tool when I began my journey to clear the IBPS clerk exam in 2021, and it proved to be more than enough. The test series' exceptional content and practice drills are mind-blowing. Thanks to Smartkeeda's comprehensive and well-structured study material, I cleared the exam in my very first attempt. I can't thank Smartkeeda enough for being my guiding light in my exam preparation journey.
Titas Mukhopadhyay IBPS Clerk 2022 First I will say that, there is no other mocktest like smartkeeda, it's best, the level of questions always helps me to practice more and more standard questions. The answers to mock tests are given in very organised way, which helps me a lot to know about my mistakes and rectify it. The analysis of this mocktests are also given in a very good pattern, so that we come to know how much we improve. This is so helpful, I can say an aspirant can easily rely on it.
Ritwick Das IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk 2022 Smartkeeda had become my daily routine. I didn't study a single topic seperately. But all I did everyday was solve mocks. The contents of the current affairs are a life saver. If someone can manage to study all of their CA mock for 6 months before exam and can retain them, it will be extremely helpful for the aspirant and give them an extra edge in the competition.
Nageswar Singh IBPS PO 2022 My journey started with back to back failures when i didn't even clear Prelims of RRB PO/CLERK. Then with the suggestions of Ankush Lamba sir i came across SMARTKEEDA platform where I got to solve standard mock tests which were either at par with the level of exams or beyond it, helping me to improve my capabilities and crack the exams successfully. Here I'm, successful, with 2 exams cracked SBI JA and IBPS PO. Thanks a lot SMARTKEEDA for your providing with the relevant MOCKs to clear exams.