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The importance of honing your Quantitative Aptitude skills for CLAT 2024 cannot be understated. Even with the best of intentions, a student can fall behind in this section if they are not equipped with the right techniques. To help CLAT 2024 aspirants prepare for this competitive exam, the CLAT 2024 Test Series from Smartkeeda Mock Test Series is offering Topic Tests to help CLAT 2024 aspirants master the quantitative aptitude section. Through these tests, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts and learn powerful quantitative techniques to help them crack the exam. With Smartkeeda’s CLAT 2024 Test Series, CLAT 2024 aspirants can refine their quantitative aptitude skills and be better prepared for the CLAT 2024.


The Topic Tests at Smartkeeda are conducted online. 
Total marks of the each test is 10.
Duration of each Test would be 8 minutes.
There is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.
Topic Chapters Number of Tests Number of Questions Total Questions/topic
Quantitative Techniques CLAT Average 8 10 80
CLAT Data Interpretation 50 10 500
CLAT Mixture 3 10 30
CLAT Partnership 3 10 30
CLAT Percentage 8 10 80
CLAT Profit and Loss 8 10 80
CLAT Ratio 8 10 80
Number System and CaIcuItion 4 10 40
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