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The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) exam is known for its intense competition, Every year lakhs and lakhs of aspirants fill out forms with hopes of gaining admission into prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs). So, if someone has already accomplished what you aspire to do in the future, you can save your valuable preparation time by seeking guidance from them and this is exactly where online CLAT coaching comes into the picture.

To excel and succeed in the intense competition, you require proper guidance, high-quality study materials, and a support system, and all of these essentials are provided by online CLAT coaching platforms at affordable prices. 

Types of Plans for CLAT Online Coaching

Alpha Beta Gamma
50+ Full length Mocks Daily Classes Daily Classes
90+ Sectional Mocks Daily Classes (Schedule to be given after enrolment) Daily Classes (Schedule to be given after enrolment)
1000+ Topic wise mocks Daily Question Solving Daily Question Solving
1000+ Legal Vocabulary questions All 5 sections to be fully covered All 5 sections to be fully covered
1000+ General Vocabulary questions Access to Record Sessions Access to Record Sessions
1000+ Questions based on Reading Mockdrills 50+ Full length Mocks Physical Mock tests + Study material delivered at home.
40+ LawEx Magazines on Fortnightly basis 90+ Sectional Mocks 50+ Full length Mocks
40+ LawExMagaines Mocks 1000+ Topic wise mocks 90+ Sectional Mocks
Daily Current Affairs Mockdrills 1000+ Legal Vocabulary questions 1000+ Topic wise mocks
All 5 sections to be fully covered 1000+ General Vocabulary questions 1000+ Legal Vocabulary questions
PDFs of each mock 1000+ Questions based on Reading Mockdrills 1000+ General Vocabulary questions
Access to AI based portal for performance analysis 40+ LawEx Magazines on Fortnightly basis 1000+ Questions based on Reading Mockdrills
Access to Mock test performance includes All India Ranking, Comparison with topper, Comparison with Friend. 40+ LawExMagaines Mocks 40+ LawEx Magazines on Fortnightly basis
50+ Full length Mocks Daily Current Affairs Mockdrills 40+ LawExMagaines Mocks
90+ Sectional Mocks All 5 sections to be fully covered Daily Current Affairs Mockdrills
1000+ Topic wise mocks PDFs of each mock All 5 sections to be fully covered
1000+ Legal Vocabulary questions Separate Doubt Sessions PDFs of each mock
1000+ General Vocabulary questions E-books Separate Doubt Sessions
1000+ Questions based on Reading Mockdrills One to one mentoring sessions (Chat+ Audio+ Video) E-books
  Access to AI based portal for performance analysis One to one mentoring sessions (Chat+ Audio+ Video)

Smartkeeda offers online coaching for CLAT with a variety of plans designed to meet the needs of every individual. You can easily view and choose the plan best suits your CLAT preparation requirements.

ALPHA - For Restarters: Smartkeeda has created a unique program known as ALPHA-For Repeters. As the name suggests this course is specifically designed for students who are retaking the CLAT exam, which means for students who have already taken the exam earlier but could not be able to secure enough scores to get admission into their desired law college. 

You will get access to; 1000+ topic-wise tests, 50+ full-length mock tests, sectional tests, and other important and relevant practice materials as part of the ALPHA plan. These study resources are thoughtfully designed to boost your preparation level. The plan is organized in such a way that you will get access to all the necessary high-quality practice materials which will help you to do much better in real exam scenarios. 

BETA - For Beginners: If you are someone who has just started preparing for the CLAT exam then Smartkeeda's most popular plan, BETA - For Beginners, is going to be an ideal option for you. This plan is thoughtfully designed and developed by experienced mentors who have a deep understanding of the recent exam pattern and examiner's mindset.

Under this plan, you will receive complete syllabus coverage of all 5 subjects under Smartkeeda’s BETA plan. All lectures are specifically designed to boost your concept understanding from a basic to an advanced level. Plus, daily doubt sessions will be conducted by batch mentors to address any queries and questions students may have.

This plan offers all necessary practice sets and study materials at a very affordable price of 9999/- rs only. So, for the students who are in their initial stage of CLAT preparation, the BETA Plan is an extremely affordable course that provides all the important study material and resources that will eventually help you achieve success in your CLAT 2025 exam.   

GAMMA - For Achievers: The GAMMA-For Achievers plan is offered by Smartkeeda to students who want to stand out in the competition by doing exceptionally well in the upcoming CLAT exam. The GAMMA plan which is Smartkeeda's flagship program is unique in a way that it includes a hard copy of study materials that are delivered right to your doorstep. Also, the plan includes all the benefits of the ALPHA and BETA plans.

Many students prefer to study in offline mode i.e. by using traditional study materials like books and practice papers. However, it can be really difficult to find offline study material designed especially for preparing for the CLAT exam and this is where Smartkeeda's GAMMA plan comes into the picture.

Under the GAMMA plan, you will receive physical mock tests and study materials delivered to your home for a minimal fee of Rs. 17,999. Thus, the GAMMA - For Achievers plan from Smartkeeda is the best option for students who prefer to study using books and other traditional sources. 

Benefits of joining CLAT online coaching

In today’s highly competitive environment, online coaching platforms play a very important role in helping students achieve their desired success in competitive exams. It provides them with the necessary study resources and direction they need to follow to achieve success in these kinds of exams. The main aim of the coaching institute is to make the preparation process more efficient and thus more manageable. 

The flexibility of time management that online coaching institutes offer is one of the main advantages of joining CLAT online coaching. Lectures and study materials become available to students at any time and from any location. The lectures are also available in a recorded format so that you can watch them again and again until and unless you fully understand the topic concept.

Students who live in remote places or those who have busy schedules would especially benefit from this learning flexibility. Now these students can access renowned coaching institutes’ lectures digitally without the need to physically attend classes in big metro cities. One more significant advantage of online CLAT coaching is that you get a chance to learn from highly experienced teachers who specialize in CLAT exam preparation. 

Moreover, the study materials provided in online CLAT courses, including content, mock tests, and magazines are regularly updated to align with exam requirements

Online CLAT coaching provides access to the best quality mock tests along with its comprehensive AI-driven performance analysis. Also, individuals can improve their preparation strategies by recognizing strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive study of mock performance. Consequently, this analytical insight often leads to significant improvements in the final exam scores.

Is online coaching is enough for Clat?

The question is very important and requires careful analysis to provide a definitive answer. It is necessary to look at several elements and factors to respond to this question. 

Firstly, it is very important to choose a coaching platform that is known for its accomplishments in the CLAT exam. A key factor in this selection process is to understand the quality of the teaching provided by coaching. Evaluating the quality and standard of the coaching platforms' study materials, practice questions, and mock exams is also essential. 

Making an informed choice gets even easier by reading reviews and comments regarding the particular coaching platform. If online coaching meets all these criteria and adheres to them consistently, then indeed, online coaching is sufficient for CLAT preparation.

Why is LAWEx CLAT coaching better than other online coaching?

There are many reasons why LAWEx CLAT coaching is incomparable to other online coaching platforms. Firstly, LAWEx focuses on offering comprehensive preparation that has been specifically created for law entrance exams such as CLAT. Its exceptional reputation—which has been reaffirmed by past top performers— attests to its effectiveness when compared to other online coaching platforms.

The platform provides the best exam-relevant study materials that cover every topic mentioned in the CLAT exam syllabus. A team of seasoned faculties who possess vast experience in their subjects have created this content. Their approaches to teaching are quite successful in making complex concepts simple and easier to understand. Through live and recorded classes conducted by these experienced educators, students get detailed explanations of fundamental concepts, progressing seamlessly from basics to advanced levels.

The LAWEx platform also uses state-of-the-art technologies to improve the teaching and learning process. A wide range of quality resources, such as mock tests, study material, magazines, and tests are provided to students. Having these many resources at their disposal further enriches their preparation and boosts their confidence for the actual exam.

LAWEx places a strong emphasis on student satisfaction. The platform offers personalized support to each student with the help of their regular mentoring and feedback sessions. Responsive customer support is also available to help students whenever they face any difficulties.

Moreover, LAWEx has demonstrated an exceptional track record of success in the CLAT exam. Numerous students have been selected and are now pursuing their dreams at prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs). Their success stories serve as compelling evidence of LAWEx's effectiveness and superiority over other coaching platforms.

Their success stories serve as compelling evidence of LAWEx's effectiveness and superiority over other coaching platforms.

How do we join this coaching? 

To enroll in our coaching program, please follow these steps:
• Open the SmartKeeda’s website and log in
• Choose the CLAT 2025 option. 
• Choose the plan that you decided to buy. 
• Click the "Buy Now" option 
• Enter coupon codes, to get additional discounts. 
• Complete the payment. 
And now, you have successfully enrolled in the course| 


A: There are three types of courses offered by Smartkeeda for online CLAT coaching: ALPHA - For Restarters, BETA - For Beginners,  and GAMMA - For Achievers.

A: For any support, you can reach out to our support team at or you can reach out to us on +91 7505332420 between 10 am to 6 pm (Mon. to Sat.)

A: Yes, you will receive prior notification about the class timing.

A: Yes, Smartkeeda's platform offers online coaching for CLAT and other Law Entrance exams.

A: You can access all live classes in recorded form, so there is no need to worry if such problems arise.

A: Yes, we provide study material and mock tests in PDF format.

A: LAWEx is widely regarded as the top coaching for CLAT in India due to its specialized approach, comprehensive study materials, experienced faculty, innovative technology integration, personalized support, and proven track record of success.
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