In the world of law, it is not enough to have knowledge of legal statutes and case laws. A comprehensive understanding of the current events and their legal implications is crucial for any aspiring lawyer. The CLAT exam assesses this knowledge through its current affairs section, which carries a significant weightage. Thus, staying updated with the latest happenings in India and the world is not just an intellectual exercise but a critical component of success in the CLAT exam and in the legal profession.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of current affairs in your CLAT preparation and how you can ace this section to boost your overall score.

Why current affairs are important in CLAT Preparation?

The current affairs and general knowledge section of CLAT exam carries the highest weightage among all the sections. Approximately 35-39 questions, which make up around 25% of the paper, are asked from this section, and ignoring this part can lead to a low overall score, potentially affecting your chances of securing admission to top law universities in India. Thus, having a sound understanding of current events & keeping yourself up-to-date with current affairs for CLAT is crucial to score well in the exam & grab a seat in the top National Law Universities of the country.

How current affairs are tested in CLAT?

The importance of current affairs for CLAT aspirants cannot be overstated. The section carries the highest weightage and with the right preparation strategy, you can quickly attempt this section and save time for the relatively challenging areas like legal aptitude and logical reasoning.
In the CLAT exam, the current affairs questions related to national and international events of the last one year are asked. In the section, candidates have to read the passages of about 450 words and then answer subsequent questions.
You can attempt a Free CLAT Current Affairs Mock Test here and understand the pattern of questions asked in this section.
CLAT 2025 Current Affairs Section Overview
Section Name Current Affairs & General Knowledge
Question Type Passage-based MCQ
Number of Questions 35-39
Total Marks 35-39
Weightage 25%
Negative Marking Yes
The CLAT 2025 general knowledge and current affairs section will focus on your awareness of general as well as current events through passage-based questions from the following topics:
  • Contemporary events of significance from India and the world;
  • Arts and culture;
  • International affairs; and
  • Historical events of continuing significance
Therefore, to secure a good rank in the CLAT 2025 exam, must make it a priority to read newspapers, magazines, and other relevant sources regularly, and attempt current affairs mockdrills and quizzes to prepare for the current affairs section of the exam.

How to follow Current Affairs MockDrill Series | Right Strategy to read CA MockDrill PDFs


Sources of Current Affairs for CLAT Preparation

In a world of infinite possibilities, wandering aimlessly through endless sources of information can be like getting lost in a forest with no map. Without a limited, relevant source, you can easily get sidetracked, following rabbit holes that lead to nowhere.
Choosing relevant sources is crucial for preparing current affairs for CLAT, as it helps in optimizing the time and effort put into the preparation. With the abundance of sources available, filtering out the ones that suit the individual's understanding and preference is necessary. Simply following what others are doing can lead to a loop of preparing from endless sources, leaving little time for revision.
Here we’ve shared the top sources of current affairs for CLAT preparation that can help you ace this section smartly.
  • Newspapers
Newspapers are an excellent source of factual information. Newspapers also provide in-depth analysis and opinion pieces on current events, helping students develop critical thinking skills. They can learn to analyze and evaluate different perspectives, which is a crucial aspect of the current affairs section of the CLAT Exam. Furthermore, newspapers can also help students improve their vocabulary, reading speed, and comprehension, which are all essential skills required to excel in CLAT.
  • LawEx Magazine
CLAT aspirants need to prepare for current affairs strategically, as it is one of the highly-scoring sections of the CLAT exam. To make the task easier, Smartkeeda provides a monthly compilation of current affairs with LawEx Magazine. This magazine is a highly recommended resource for CLAT aspirants who want to stay updated with the latest happenings in the legal and political sphere.
LawEx magazine by Smartkeeda magazine provides a comprehensive and well-organized approach to current affairs preparation, all in one place and free of cost. LawEx magazine includes a variety of resources such as Reading drills, Crossword puzzles, Short news with Key Points, Detailed news, Pictorial representations of news for better retention, Static GK, Current GK, & GK Quizzes. LawEx magazine by Smartkeeda is an excellent resource for CLAT aspirants looking to improve their current affairs knowledge with least efforts.
Click here to download the CLAT Preparation App by Smartkeeda to read free Current Affairs Magazine!
  • Monthly CA Mockdrills
This is another excellent resource for CLAT aspirants seeking to improve their current affairs knowledge. Each month we provide 25-30 current affairs mock drills, each drill comprising 10 passage-based questions that test your comprehension skills & your ability to interpret complex information.
Attempting these quizzes provides an opportunity to hone reading comprehension skills, keep abreast of current events, and identify areas for improvement. By regularly practicing with these mock drills, you can refine your test-taking strategies, learn to manage your time effectively, and boost your confidence in tackling the current affairs section of the CLAT exam.
  • Current Affairs PDF
Learning is a process, and revision is its foundation. Before attempting the Smartkeeda monthly current affairs mock drills, you can download and access a short PDF containing a summary of important events. This PDF is designed to help students stay up-to-date with current affairs and perform well in the quiz. By reviewing this summary before attempting the quizzes, you can refresh your memory and improve your chances of scoring well in the quiz.

Importance of Analyzing & Understanding Current Affairs

While preparing Current Affairs for CLAT, simply reading news articles is not enough. The section is designed to test your ability to comprehend and draw inferences from passages, therefore, analyzing and understanding current affairs is crucial for success in the CLAT exam. By analyzing news articles, you can develop the skill of drawing inferences and conclusions from them, which is essential for answering the questions in the exam.
The current affairs and general knowledge section of CLAT comprises passage of around 450 words followed by a series of questions based on the passage. Here, you are require you to analyze and understand the underlying message of the news article. Practicing how to analyze the news properly to draw inferences is essential to score well in this section.
Current affairs Mock drills and Quizzes at Smartkeeda are an excellent resource to help you develop this skill and stay updated with the latest current affairs. By honing your analysis and comprehension skills, you can confidently tackle the current affairs section of the CLAT exam.

Tips to Ace the Current Affairs Section for CLAT

As we have clearly stated above, staying updated with current affairs is crucial for success in the CLAT exam. The current affairs section in CLAT weighs 25% of the total exam and can make or break the chances of securing a good rank. Here are some tips that can help you stay updated with the latest current affairs and ace the CLAT exam.
  1. Read Newspaper Daily: This is a great way to stay updated on current affairs. It also helps in developing a reading habit, which is essential for passage-based questions asked in CLAT. Reading newspapers regularly also improves vocabulary, comprehension skills, and critical thinking ability. Make sure to read the front page, as well as the editorial and opinion sections, as they often provide in-depth analysis of current events.
  1. Attempt Quizzes Regularly: Attempting quizzes on current affairs regularly is essential for CLAT aspirants. It helps in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and improving their knowledge base. It also aids in understanding the pattern of questions asked in the exam.
  1. Make Notes: Making notes is crucial for retaining important information and revising it quickly. Therefore while going through the news, you should make notes of important events, facts, and figures, along with their sources. It will help you in revising the information faster and more efficiently.
  1. Stick to Limited Sources: This is essential to avoid cluttering your minds with irrelevant information. Choosing relevant study material saves time and makes revision more manageable. Therefore, you should choose a few reliable sources and stick to them.
  1. Discuss with Peers: This can help you understand different perspectives and get insights into how others are interpreting the news. After completing the current affairs of a particular month, you can plan a discussion session to validate your knowledge with your friends.
  1. Revise Regularly: Revision is crucial to prepare the current affairs for CLAT exam. Without revision, all the hard work put into preparation can go to waste. It's essential to revise regularly, preferably once every two weeks. By regular revision, you can reinforce learning and improve your understanding of current events.
As we wrap up our discussion on the importance of current affairs for CLAT and it's important to remember that securing a top rank in this exam requires a disciplined and strategic approach. However, with the right mindset, dedication, and the relevant resources, you can conquer the current affairs section and achieve your dream of getting into the law school of your choice. So keep working hard, stay focused, and never lose sight of your goal. The road to success may not be easy, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Author : Rohit Sharma

Hi, I am Rohit Sharma, the head of the Law exams vertical at Smartkeeda and an alumnus of NLU Punjab. Having successfully cleared the CLAT exam twice, I am currently engaged in teaching Legal Reasoning on the LawEx YouTube channel. Moreover, I contribute by writing blogs that are specifically tailored to the CLAT exams.